Superior Repair and Replacement Services
in Mineral Wells, WV

We Pride Ourselves on Getting the Vehicles in and Out and Fixed

Full-Service Auto Repair

Galen’s Alignment & Brake is your go-to destination for full-service auto repair in Mineral Wells, WV. Our ASE-certified technicians are equipped to handle all types of repairs, whether you’re facing a minor issue or a major mechanical problem. We ensure each job is performed to the highest standards, using only the best equipment and techniques. Contact us online or call (304) 489-8500 to speak with our mechanics.

Belt Replacement: Keeping Your Vehicle's Vital Systems Running

At Galen’s Alignment & Brake in Mineral Wells, WV, we offer reliable belt replacement services to ensure your vehicle’s vital systems stay in perfect harmony. From serpentine belts to timing belts, our expert technicians use precision and quality components to keep everything running smoothly. Trust us to maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s engine and accessories.

Compressor Repair and Replacement: Cool Comfort Restored

When your vehicle’s A/C system is blowing hot air, it might be a compressor issue. At Galen’s Alignment & Brake in Mineral Wells, WV, we specialize in compressor repair and replacement services. Our skilled technicians diagnose and address compressor problems, ensuring your A/C system is back to delivering cool and refreshing air during the hottest days.

Evaporator Repair and Replacement: Efficient Cooling Solutions

The evaporator is a crucial component of your vehicle’s A/C system, responsible for cooling the air that enters your cabin. At Galen’s Alignment & Brake, we provide expert evaporator repair and replacement services in Mineral Wells, WV. If your A/C isn’t cooling as it should, our technicians will diagnose and address any issues with the evaporator to restore efficient and comfortable cooling. Trust us to keep you cool on the road.